Sunday, March 14, 2010

This is the blog!

Hello everybody, this is the blog for - a free resource to register and track stolen motorcycles. is run by tech-savvy people who love their bikes and hate the people who steal them, and we're always working towards building a better set of tools to help combat the bike theft problem.

I'm very interested in the way new technologies and products can help combat motorcycle theft - and I'm always bookmarking or emailing people about new items or methods to thwart theft and motorcycle security attacks. This blog will track these news items, along with some of my ideas and commentary on how the internet and social media technologies can help combat the problem. - if you are wondering - provides a number of free online tools to track, list, and search for stolen bikes. People who have had their motorcycles stolen can list their stolen bike info (and photos) for free, and the data is open to the public and anyone who wants to help search for and recover stolen motorcycles. I created this website as a free way to combat the ever-growing problem of motorcycle theft, and it has grown and evolved along with some other similar websites that I run.

I'm always on the lookout for other people working on the same problem, so if you're interested in this too, please drop me a line.

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